Courses Offered

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers over a hundred courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Some courses are cross-listed and offered in collaboration with other departments such as Computer Science, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Math, and the Information Technology Program.

EE 526 Renewable Energy in Power Systems EE 527 Net-Centric Power-System Control
EE 532 Wireless Internet and Pervasive Computing EE 535 Mobile Communications
EE 541 Radio Frequency Filter Design EE 542 Internet and Cloud Computing
EE 544 Radio Frequency Systems and Hardware EE 545 Robotics
EE 546 Intelligent Embedded Systems EE 547 Sensing and Planning in Robotics
EE 548 Analytical Methods in Robotics EE 550 Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks
EE 551 Principles of Radar EE 555 Broadband Network Architectures
EE 564 Digital Communication and Coding Systems EE 565 Information Theory and Compression
EE 567 Communication Systems EE 579 Wireless and Mobile Networks Design and Laboratory
EE 588 Optimization for the Information and Data Sciences EE 596 Wavelets
EE 597 Wireless Networks EE 632 Integrated Communication Systems
EE 635 Advanced Wireless Communications EE 645 Uncertainty Modetdng and Stochastic Optimization
EE 648 Network Economics and Games EE 649 Stochastic Network Optimization
EE 650 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks EE 652 Low-Power Wireless Networks
EE 660 Machine Learning from Signals: Foundations and Methods EE 664 Advanced Topics in Communication Theory
EE 665 Advanced Topics in Information Theory EE 667 Array Signal Processing
EE 669 Multimedia Data Compression  <More>

Master of Science degrees are also available in the following specializations: